HPPE’s dextran based chemistry is used in cell separation and protein separation techniques. The
pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and API used in such separation techniques are manufactured at HPPE under
cGMP in a class 1000 clean room.

Following products can be manufactured in a class 1000 clean room under cGMP environment
  • Dextran 500kDa – Endotoxin Free low polydispersed.
  • Dextran any customer specific molecular weight.
  • USP grade Dextran 40, and 60.
  • Dextran sulfate, meeting JP monograph.
  • Endotoxin free xanthan gum.
  • Amino functionalized dextran.
  • Carboxyl functionalized dextran.
  • Iron dextran.
  • Customer specific Hydrogels – endotoxin free.
  • Cross linked dextran based beads for gel chromatography.
  • Lactose for Inhalation.
  • Chitosan

HPPE can supply you these materials in sterilized liquid solution form as well as powder form.
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