HPPE LLC │ 6906 Dixie St, Columbus, GA 31907 │Phone: 706- 563-9290, 706-563-9654 │ Fax: 706-563-0719 │ info@hppeco.com
HPPE is a specialty material manufacturing company, and one of the world’s
leading manufacturer of biopolymers.  HPPE’s expertise range from strain
engineering to producing industrially viable biopolymers on a multi ton scale
for end applications in pharmaceuticals, industrial flocculation, friction
reduction, oil drilling, frac fluid, completion fluid for oil and gas companies.

HPPE’s biopolymers are manufactured at our Columbus, GA facility under
cGMP standards. Some of the world’s best known industry leaders and
industrial companies use HPPE produced biopolymers at industrial scale on
daily basis.

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