We provide all essential components for commercialization of a chemical/biological product, such as lab
    scale synthesis of chemicals, process design, process optimization, contract manufacturing, and contract

    Contract Manufacturing & Process Development:
    Our manufacturing plant has reactors and fermenters ranging from 100 gallons to 13,000 gallons capacity,
    and a completely automated plant with PLC, control logix and wonderware automation modules. Also, all
    reactors have ability of nitrogen blanketing for air sensitive products. Also the down stream manufacturing
    equipment train has tangential flow filtration, large filter press, belt drying equipment, and centrifuges. To
    support an onsite uninterrupted production, we have a machine and fabrication shop equipped with welding
    and pipe fitting capability.

    We have installed a Class 1000 clean room with 2000 sq ft floorspace. 250L, 500L, and 1000L
    reactor/fermenters in clean room. Tangential flow filters and chromatgraphic columns. All operations in the
    clean room are conducted under cGMP.

    On top of manufacturing equipment availability, we have RAMAN RXN3 and Process IR equipment that can
    be hooked up into a reactor for process monitoring. We have designed and installed tubular flow reactors
    and continuous distillation skids for large scale production.
    Our kilo lab houses 2 x 8 ft walk in hoods, and 4 bench hoods, and a huge inventory of unique glasswares
    for R&D of smaller quantity materials. Please contact us if you are looking for contract manufacturing of
    your products.

    Crystallization Process Characterization:
    Crystallization process is universally used in separation and purification of pharmaceutical compounds.
    Very rarely efforts are made to understand supersaturation, heat of crystal formation, reaction conditions-if
    any during forced crystallization, and many more process parameters that affect crystal morphology, and
    particle size distribution. One major problem with poorly formed crystals is the difficulty in filtration process
    that follows the crystallization. With our experience in such crystallization optimization, we can help you
    change your process from chromatographic separation to crystallization purification.

    Chemical synthesis:
    Our chemists have over 100 years of combined experience in synthesizing chemicals. Please refer to our
    products page to see our strength in chemical synthesis. We offer custom synthesis services for mg scale
    to 50kg batches. We also offer reaction rate, and calorimetry data with most of our compounds.

    Continuous Process Development:
    Most of the chemicals can be produced continuously using traditional unit operation designs as long as the
    required throughput is at least 50kg/hr. We have designed micro flow reactors and packed distillation
    columns that can mimic a continuous process on lab scale. One more advantage of the micro flow reactor
    is, one can drive reaction at much higher temperature and pressure at lab scale than the reactions
    conducted in traditional flasks. Also, with access to many process development software, and in-house
    developed codes we can predict process performance at much early stage of development than that of
    traditional scale up techniques.

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